Monday, June 8, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”
By Alicia Pozsony, Editor PSG Newsletter
… a quote often heard this time of year. It’s exactly what I think of when I observe the activity of the Trenton PSG members both individually and as a group. Think of the showers as the things we cannot control that tend to make us uncomfortable and sometimes leave us feeling down. The flowers are the changes we help each other make from the direct contact, workshops and sharing of our own personal experiences with other PSG members.
Recently, I was fortunate enough to see myself in a different light after having a conversation with another PSG member, perhaps a light similar to that of an interviewer of a prospective job. I hope we will all help each other to keep growing from the support our peers here at 26 Yard Avenue.
Life sometimes drops things on us that sometimes feel like that of a rainstorm, only to be followed by the flowers of our next success and accomplishment. Do not let the daily ebb and flows of life get you down. Focus on your own accomplishments and remember the “Pay It Forward” concept of helping someone else so that they will in turn return the favor to another person, making all our lives a little more positive.

Too Nice Out to Job Search?

“Too Nice Out to Job Search?
By Alicia Pozsony, Editor PSG Newsletter

Someone said to me recently, “It’s too nice out to job search”. I agreed, but the more I thought about it, the more I contradicted myself. Throughout the week that followed, I quickly discovered that the places I visited and people I encountered were all good opportunities to network. I recalled one specific action that is key when networking: Help someone else so that they might remember you and repay the favor.

You never know who you are going to meet. So this summer when you are out and about, doing more activities, visiting outdoor places, festivals, carnivals and gatherings of friends and family, be aware of how you can be of help to those around you – where appropriate, offer advice, see if they are accepting of it, and welcome their paybacks to you later. Always have your business card handy.

Networking is the best way to land your next job, so even when the weather is cooperating and the sun smiles down on you, and remember you can still be active in your job search. Searching doesn’t have to end after time on the computer; human interaction is one of the best ways you can job search. Last month I wrote about Paying it Forward and May Showers and Spring Flowers and this month take time to smell the roses. Take a breath and know that things will improve, given enough time and initiative.Ω