Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two Important Tips to remember when Interviewing

Where should you start?
Ever wonder how you can interview better? Not sure who you are meeting with and how you should act? Not sure what you can do to better prepare? Well, I can help with 2 important reminders.  
Tip #1 Act the interview! 
Imagine being in a conversation with a friend. You both have the same tone, facial gestures, hand gestures, and way of speaking
You can maintain rapport through similarities when speaking to another person. The sense of ease when talking with one another and the same mood is called mirroring. 
Establishing good rapport is important when interviewing and it may make the difference in getting an offer or not getting the offer. People usually hire people they like.  Apply the mirroring technique to help you make everyone feel at ease with the conversation taking place.  Observing body language, including posture, hand gestures, facial expressions, tone, volume and rate of speech, and applying it to yourself. 
Apply these tips to use mirroring successfully.

Body Posture
     Are they sitting upright, leaning forward, or placing their hands on the table? 
Hand Gestures
     Do they make hand gestures when talking? Consider doing the same when it is your turn to talk.
     Is their tone mild, volume soft and rate of speech relaxed ? Use the same attributes when you respond.
Facial Expressions
     Did they raise an eyebrow or smile? Make a connection with your own expression to show you understand what they are saying and show you are engaged in the conversation.

THE CATCH: Mirroring has to be sincere and natural.  

Tip # 2: Notice the Negative: 
Negative connotations may include crossing arms over the chest, looking at the clock or their watch, leaning their chin on their hand, yawning and turning sideways. If they show signs of negativity, consider where your responses or body language are in line with the role and their company. 

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Good luck on your interview!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Remember the Five Keys to Success

Remember the Five Keys to Success

By Alicia Pozsony
I believe that those of us out of work have to have the very same qualities it takes to become our own boss, because we are our own boss in the business of networking, job searching, and selling ourselves.
Imagine yourself an entrepreneur. What do you need to succeed? According to a recent article on Web site ezinearticles.com—there are five qualities that all entrepreneurs share that are the keys to their business success. See how they apply to your own job search:
  1. Desire      You must have a desire to break into the workforce or out of the average nine-to-five in an economy as tough as today’s and to put your ideas, ideals, and beliefs into action. Desire is the one key strength that forces entrepreneurs to stay ahead of competitors.
  2. Positivity     Like an entrepreneur, the job seeker of today must have a positive mental attitude toward life, business goals, and oneself. Job seekers must not be restricted by setbacks, delays, or disappointments. A naturally positive person continues to see opportunities where others see obstacles.
  3. Commitment      To succeed, you have to be committed to putting in the time and hard work necessary to sell yourself and reach your goals. You must commit to your beliefs and desires. Commitment brings efforts, efforts bring results, and results bring successes.
  4. Patience      Patience and commitment go hand in hand, and patient people who dedicate themselves to working away at their goals day after day will reap the rewards when the focused hard work pays off in the form of positive and successful results.
  5. Persistence      Usually, nothing is straightforward or without change, and the future is also usually unknown. These factors mean that the final key attribute of persistence is critical to success. When obstacles appear, when the goalposts get moved, and when tribulations get in the way, you have to persist with your ideas, persist with your hard work, and persist in keeping focused on success. With patient and committed persistence, the desired results will ensue.

Remember: a naturally positive person frees the mind from negativity and disappointment so as to be free to dream, imagine, develop, and expand.
Best of luck in your job search. Stay positive, and keep networking!