Sunday, August 17, 2014

Use Your Personal Brand to Propel Yourself Forward

Sure, you want to come across strong and confident to land that job you found, right? But how do you do it?  I can help you to kick start that same process. 

Celebrities, Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Professionals are all promoting their personal brand to achieve success and access their greater potential.  It's everywhere you look. Often times, people are even paying lots of money to get it identified for them.  If I asked you to tell me "What is the one thing that you uniquely offer your next company?", can you answer it?
Steven Cuoco, proven Intuitive Publicist of United Angels Dream and best selling author invites us to ask ourselves, "do I believe in what I am selling? Is what I am selling really worth my time to make someone else happy, and will the company recognized it or not?  Who am I and do I truly know who I am?"  Most people in the world search for power and stability in all the wrong places.  Why is this?  What is it that you are doing right now?  Do you feel fulfilled by what you are doing?  Do you believe you will be satisfied with the results when you are finished?" 

Establishing your brand establishes your professional credibility, increases chances for a job interview and/or promotion and ultimately fosters an increase in earning potential.

Establishing your personal brand will ensure a positive representation of your character and identity and will be: 
  • Unique and personal
  • Understandable by those who read it
  • Consistent (during an interview, online and on paper)

How do you start to create your brand?

Step 1:
Think of words that best describe you and then select one. Are you: a Leader? a Task rabbit? a people person? Avoid using words such as dependable, dedicated or reliable.

Step 2:
Reflect on experiences, education and steps you have taken professionally. What do you think has helped to form your career? Have you developed expertise in certain areas? Have you Reduced Costs? Delivered results through Management?

Step 3:
How would your peers, supervisors, and colleagues describe you? Pick up the phone and ask them.  They can share areas and attributes that you never dreamed would be about you.

Step 4:
Discover what is special about you by performing analysis of your comptitions Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats - this is called a SWOT analysis.

Step 5:
Be specific - What is your target role? Use the job title in your brand on your resume and online profiles.  Are you a: Project Specialist? Medical Coordinator? Senior Financial Project Manager? Accountant? C-Level Executive?

Step 6:
Using the information you gathered in the above steps 1-3, compose a 15 word personal statement (your "Tag Line or Headline"). Here’s an example.
“Consistently gains new customers selling more product, more often, for more money, generating revenue and brand recognition.”
Step 7:
Use quantifiable career accomplishments in your resume and online profiles to strengthen you brand position and value.

Step 8:
Use keywords in accomplishment statements that will describe how you used those traits to deliver results. 

Step 9:
Launch your brand.  Online, in-person, in your resume, cover letter, networking, portfolio, biography and every opportunity to share your message with people who might help your career. Exude confidence and communicate your expertise.

Step 10:
Promote: Continually blog, tweet, join online groups, organizations and professional groups.  Follow companies, answer questions, attend networking events and build relationships. 

Now that you have all the information you need to start work on your own personal brand: 

Let New Resume = New You work for you to create your personal professional brand and earn more money.  Visit for a free consultation

Visit for more information on Branding You Unstoppable:  Steven is the Founder and CEO of United Angels Dream-Your Second Opinion Resource Company™, EMAGE Magazine™ and Journey's Find™.  Steven has extensive training in executive, sales, and creative experience.  Steven incorporates his knowledge as a Human and Business Analyst; and he brings people together while developing personal and business communication.  Steven works with high profile clientele while providing his skills as a contract, book, magazine, entertainment, and music publicist.  Steven has been featured on CNN, FOX, Forbes, syndicated radio shows and in magazine's world wide.  Steven also wrote: International Best Seller “Guided Transformation: Poems, Quotes, and Inspiration." 

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