Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Answer ANY Interview question

So you are petrified of going on an interview?  
Or maybe you have one experience where you could have - -  should have answered differently?  What can you do to prepare yourself for your next one?  Simple. 2 things:
1. Before attempting to answer an interview question, take a couple seconds to determine your response.   Is the question is directed at finding out more about you history or your personality? 
2. Don’t sound flustered; speak clearly and give an honest answer.

Don’t stress yourself over making a right or wrong answer.

Interview questions are simply about gaining insight into your personality and work habits. Don’t get overworked about making sure you answer correctly; in some cases, there is no right or wrong answer.  Being personable and honest while giving an answer is most important for questions that are odd or seem off topic. 
For strange questions, always remember HOW you respond is much more important than the actual answer. They ask to see if you’ll make a good fit in the department or company. 
2 Sample Questions:
1.  “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” 
It’s easy to talk about your strengths; you’re smart, hard working, a fast learned–but it’s easy to get tripped up when discussing your weaknesses. Never talk about a real weakness unless it’s something you’ve personally overcome at work.  The best answer is to mention a weakness such as, you used to come in late to work a lot but after your supervisor explained why it was necessary for you to come in on time, you were never late again.  And stress how much more you get done when you come in early. 
2. “Give me an example of a time when you had a problem with a supervisor/co-worker and how you approached the problem.” 
Most employees have a problem with a co-worker at some point. How employees handle the problem says a lot about how they deal with people. If you explain to the interviewer that you were able to overcome a people problem at work, this will help your chances of getting the job when asked.
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