Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Stay Ahead in Today's Job Market

To stay ahead, and not get bogged down or overwhelmed, there are a few things you have to do when job searching in today's market. 

Stay informed. 
Read, read, read. There are many articles online about  job searching that list what to do and not do. Spend time each day reading articles online. 

Lower your expectations and rise above. 
If you expect to go out and get the first job out of 10 you apply to, you might get let down. A lot has changed in the job market from 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago.  Employers can get the 10 out of 10 perfect candidate.  Revitalize yourself on paper and electronically with a resume and LinkedIn profile done by a professional (New Resume = New You) and rise above the rest!

Know your timeframe.
Your search WILL take Longer.  It's still good to know someone to get a foot in the door. So, add Networking to your list. Contact me for details on how and where to network.

With the advancement of social media and the Internet, there are sometimes hundreds or thousands of applicants for the same job you are looking at (and before you've seen it).   Therefore, you need to know someone, and often know intimately about the company culture, so that you can speak to it given the opportunity. 

Know your mobile app advantages.
Job search mobile apps often have algorithms built in to automatically search and find other positions similar to the one you just applied for. So take advantage of that technology.

Know what your edge is.
Work with a professional, like New Resume = New You, who knows today's market and what your edge will be before you accidentally "blow it" and apply with your tweaked version of your resume that won't get you the interview.  

So, lot's of things have changed, but on the other hand, some things are still the same: Employers are still looking for the best qualified candidates, those with achievements, and they still want a current, strong resume and a candidate who is the perfect match  - current, achieving, problem solving, and enthusiastic!.

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  1. One can never have to many tips! Thanks for the free, informative help!